The Ultimate Guide To Using Glass In Interior Design*

Glass is such a beautiful and decorative material. Its translucent can add and ethereal quality to any room and enhance the light without compromising your privacy. There are so many ways to put glass to good use indoors. Read on to find out what they are.

Shower screens –

Firstly, in the bathroom, where would we be without our glass shower screens? If you are still using the old material shows curtains, then it’s time to let them go! Screens are more modern, stylish and much longer lasting. Not matter how many time your pull the shower curtain all they way across the bath, to dry out, sooner or later it will get mildew, so it has to be replaced. You just don’t have this problem with a glass shower screen.

When buying a shower screen consider whether you want clear glass or patterned for more privacy. You can buy a ready-made glass shower screen. Or you can visit a quality decorative glass and glazing store to get some pattern glass that will fit in well with the decor of your home.

Not everyone loves using glass in the bathroom because it can be tricky to clean. A good tip to minimise the problem with keeping your shower screen spick and span is to treat it with a shower spray, after each use. Then use a squeegee to remove any residue. This should prevent too much residue building up in one go and stop you having to put excessive elbow grease in when it come time to clean the bathroom.

Glass Bricks –

Glass brick are the marmite of interior design. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. However, you feel about these smart little things remember they do have their uses. They are especially useful for allowing light into a room that wouldn’t get it other wise. For example in flats that open onto an indoor landing, glass bricks can used around the doorway. This helps each residents hall look brighter.

In a similar fashion, they are often used in basement apartments, where natural light is at a premium. They let the light in without the residents having to compromise their privacy by having standard windows that people can gawk in at street level.

Decorative Objects –


Of course, any interior designer worth her salt will knows to include some decorative glass pieces in a new room design. Glass makes a fantastic material for making decorative objects. In fact, one of the most famous interior design pieces of all time the Tiffany Lamp was made from little mosaic squares of glass.


Glass works so well as a lamp shade, because depending on the type of glass used, it can diffuse the light gently into the room. This means you can get a lovely warm glow without any harsh glare. Which sets the tone perfectly for evening time.

Mirror Surrounds –

Another fantastic use of glass in interior decorating is as a mirror surround. Of course, mirrors are mirrored glass too. Using a mirror in a room can make it seem much larger, brighter and airier than it is. It is a classic interior design tip, to trick your mind into feeling like it is in a much bigger space. So if you are decorating a small or dark room, hang a mirror where it will reflect the lightest for optimum effect.

Love, Charlotte x

*This is a collaborative post