Little Tips To Make A Big Impact With Your Home Furniture

Really focusing on the way you lay out your home furniture can make a huge difference to your home. If you want to impress your guests and really enjoy spending time in your home, then try out these little tips to help you!

Pull Everything Away From The Wall –

One huge mistake people make with their furniture is leaving it shoved up against the wall. They think that this gives them more space, but it doesn’t do anything for the look of the room. Pulling things away from the wall, even slightly makes your room look better and more professional.

Don’t Buy Everything Matching –

Most people go and buy a matching set of furniture when it’s time to redecorate. A secret lots of professionals use is not to buy everything matching. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Just try to ensure there’s something uninformed about your pieces, such as the colour or style. This way, it won’t look ridiculous when you lay them out.


Add Lots Of Texture To It –

Add plenty of texture to your furniture to give more interest to your home. You can add different cushions and throws to make it look even more comfortable, too. The idea should be that you want to just fall onto it when you see it! You should want to touch everything too.

Make It More Social –

If you have friends round often, why not consider making your furniture more social? You can do this by angling everything slightly. If your room is big enough, you could even create a sort of furniture circle in the middle of the room for great conversations with your nearest and dearest. You can find inspiration on sites like Pinterest if you need help.

Choose A Focal Piece –

Want to make a huge impact with your furniture? Then choose a cool focal piece. Why not choose a pattern, such as leopard print or polka dots? Make it really stand out! This is a good way to show off your personality too. Look on sites like EW Home Furniture to see if you can find anything suitable. Just make sure your focal piece doesn’t clash with any focal walls you’ve chosen. It’s usually wise to choose only one thing to make a focal point in your chosen room.

Try Feng Shui –

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that is supposed to promote a more positive life. Even if you don’t believe in any of that, it can help you to lay out your home more efficiently. Your furniture should make sense in your home, and not get in the way of any walkways. Feng Shui can be quite complicated, so study it a little first before you try to use it.


These little tips should help you to really make a difference with your furniture. It’ll be lots of fun learning to show off your personality this way! If you have any suggestions of your own, make sure you leave them below.
Love, Charlotte x