DIY Wedding Seating Plan / Photo Frame Tutorial

Our wedding seating plan last September has now become a photo frame in our hallway – not only does it hold all our photobooth pictures, we used Smileybooth which cost £375 for 2 hours including unlimited photo prints & a guestbook. I would 100% recommend having a booth, it was such good fun & all our guests loved it, as well as the photo’s being absolutely hilarious…I won’t put up the naked rugby player photo or the several ‘naughty’ couple pics eeek.






Anyway…back to the tutorial 🙂

I found the frame in a charity shop window, it was originally gold with a not-so-delightful copy of an ancient landscape picture in it. For £2.50 I thought it was worth a makeover so snapped it up. The entire seating plan cost me under £5!

After browsing Pinterest I decided to paint it using Annie Sloan Paris Grey, then used string pearl beading & my trusty glue gun to fix 3 layers across. I found the clips in The Range (tiny wooden pegs with paper flowers on) in the craft section which cost 99p for approx 12 pegs.

For the wording, I bought brown rustic looking card & was planning to use my stamp set but after a few attempts it ended up looking a bit messy (& not in a good way). In the end I downloaded a typewriter font (travelling typewriter) which is available here for free & printed on to the card then simply cut them to size & hung them on.



I love having some of our wedding decoration bits around the house especially photos by the wonderful Charlotte Marie Photography of all of our family & friends celebrating our future together. It’s nearly been a year since we got married so i’ll be blogging about our 1 wedding/anniversary/1st year soon 🙂

Love, Charlotte x 


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