8 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean With Pets

Anybody that knows me will know how completely & utterly obsessed I am with my trusty pet pooch/pig, Mungo.

If you asked my littles who my favourite child is, they’d tell you that it is him. He’s my firstborn (son from another mum…a furry one with a squished face at that), doesn’t answer back or moan, loves me more than Mr THTMM (both of my littles think he’s the best thing since sliced bread when he’s around & tend to ignore my existence) & is my personal cuddly hot water bottle.

The one thing I get asked a lot about Mungo is ‘do pugs moult a lot?’ & the answer is YES. Oh my god does he shed hair…I had no idea when picking him up as a tiny pot bellied pup just quite what I was letting myself in for. You see, pugs have a double coat so pretty much shed year round & their hair is so short/coarse that it’s a bugger to deal with.

So this post, is dedicated to my hairy sidekick & to all those fur-mums dealing with the constant battle of hoovering pet hair.

1. Invest in a good hoover – 

Unfortunately you can’t stop the hair from falling out so you have to clean it up somehow. Make your life easier by investing in a good hoover, preferably one that is designed to pick up pet hair. I am actually a crazy vacuum hoarder evidently; I have a small dyson handheld (for the sofa’s & stairs), a handheld Dyson V10 which I use everyday for whipping around or when we have a spillage & then a Shark Life-Away which I do a deeper clean with once a week.

2. Match your decor to your dog or visa versa – 

When considering what breed of dog to go for, take into consideration your home. If you’re monochrome mad with black carpets then a light haired dog will leave leave you pulling your own hair out, if you are a neutral beige lover like me then black hair will have the same effect. If you already have your beloved pooch then it’s time to redecorate…they’re worth it after all. I think I’m doing pretty well matching my beige decor to my beige dog!

3. Rubber gloves – 

I got told this trick a few years back & have used it ever since. Using a minimally wet rubber glove, just brush with your hand & the hair will magically stick to it. Alternatively try this which lifts, gathers & removes stubborn pet hair.

4. Embrace grooming – 

I find with Mungo that he sheds like MAD if I brush him but I think that’s because pugs have a double coat. However, this is not normally the case so get brushing or send your pooch for a spot of pampering at the groomers. The more hair you remove with a brush, the less hair will be all over your sofa. I’d really recommend the FURminator De-Shedding Tool.

5. Consideration – 

Take your pet into consideration when purchasing new furniture. Don’t go for a super thick fluffy white rug if you know that Rufus will love rolling over it after a particularly muddy walk. Go for removable/washable covered when you can to avoid mishaps.

6. Improve their diet – 

You may not know this but I worked part time in Pets At Home whilst I studied for my A-levels. I went on several courses on pet food & feed Mungo exclusively on raw meat diet (apart from the mounds of crisps/brioche etc that Rory decides to cluck on the floor for him but lets not go there..). The better your dogs diet, the better quality their coat will be as well as overall health. Do your research & you’ll soon realise how much rubbish goes into the typical bag of dried dog food.

7. Set boundaries – 

If you can’t bear your new sofa’s getting hairy then the best way to do this is to not let your dog up. Set clear firm boundaries but be strict & consistent. Personally I’d rather have cuddles than a hairless sofa but it depends whats important to you.

8. Don’t let it get smelly – 

Dogs smell. Sometimes we can’t smell it in our own home but people coming in that aren’t around dogs definitely can. To combat this sprinkle bicarb of soda over carpets & so on before hoovering to absorb odour as well as washing the dog bed every week. You can also try to hide it by using plug in air fresheners, reed diffusers & so on.


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  1. September 23, 2018 / 8:06 am

    Love this post Charlotte! 💖 I too must have had more than my fair share of vacuum cleaners, I think I had five at one point! The new pink hand held shark pet is now on my wish list, I saw a demo of it and it’s awesome! 😊

    The part about matching your decor to your pet is genius and made me laugh out loud! My dog is the colour of Scooby Doo… I’m not sure I can cope with Scooby Doo coloured interiors just yet lol! 🙈😂 so back to vacuuming for me!

    Have a great day!

    Shell xx

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